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The only Shopify shopping cart add-on you will ever need.

Shipping rates with IP-based geolocation

IP geolocation is a process of determining the geographical location of an internet user through their internet protocol address.

Change shipping destination via text input

In-Cart Shipping Rates displays shipping costs to your customers in the shopping cart. It makes your customers feel more confident about the checkout process and increases the usability of your store.

Separate summary for the shipping rates

Shipping rates can be tricky. The in-cart shipping calculator lets you estimate shipping rates for all your orders before checkout.

On-the-fly Shipping Location Update with Autosuggestion

How about when you want shipping rate estimates other than from your current IP location? No problem! Simply update the location and get the real-time shipping rates on the fly!

Install and Forget

Simple install and requires no configuration and zero maintenance. It will automatically calculate shipping rates in the cart page.

Excellent Support

We are committed to delivering the best shopping cart experience and help you sell more!

Pricing plan

Yeap, it is free.



Install and forget. Use IP-based geolocation or
get the real-time shipping rates on the fly!